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Irresistible hand-printed aprons from a talented textile designer

A linen apron that’s a brilliant blend of form and function

Irresistible hand-printed aprons from a talented textile designer

April 03 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Nigella Lawson might manage to cook without drizzling cold-pressed olive oil over her elegant clothes, but I am a serious spiller. So for me, an apron is a kitchen essential. And not just any apron. I demand functionality and beauty in all things, and protective clothing is no exception, so to pass muster my aprons must be a) generously sized, b) made of 100 per cent linen, c) equipped with straps long enough to wrap twice around the waist and be tied at the front and d) attractive enough to double as a wall-hanging when not in use.

Fortunately, I have discovered Teresa Cole, a talented textile designer who shares my belief in the marriage of beauty and utility and has spent the past 10 years turning lovely Irish linen into even lovelier aprons (among other useful things) under the label Teresa Green.

I have bought several of these bib-fronted numbers over the years, replacing them not because they’re worn out but because Cole keeps adding to the range and I can’t resist the delicate drawings she hand-prints onto them. My last pinny, with its painterly plate stack, was a thing of graphic simplicity and I treasured it beyond all others – until I saw Leggy Bird (pictured, £36), a quirky sketch of three long-legged birds and a milk bottle, and fell in love all over again.

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