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A quest for the ideal table lamp is finally over

The elegant lamp that comes with a story attached

A quest for the ideal table lamp is finally over

February 16 2011
Jenny Dalton

Believe it or not, it’s taken me six years to pick a table lamp for my living room. My old faithful Muji tripod – a little dull, but functional – has certainly had competition before now, but the problem with being an interiors writer is that you know for sure that there’s always something better around the corner. That being so, falling in love with phenomenally expensive Italian lamps when I’m as likely to fall out of love with them just as quickly is a whimsy too costly to give in to.

But finally there’s a lamp that has not just stolen my heart but my head (and wallet) too. Gubi’s La Pedrera H20 lamp is a neat, snappy, hole-punched, elegant little column of a lamp – streamlined and simple but not dull; also, there’s a nice story behind it – and us writers, we do love a story.

The original La Pedrera lamp (a larger floor version) was designed by architect Barba Corsini in 1955 as part of his reconstruction of the ceiling rooms in the Casa Milà, one of Gaudí’s famous houses in Barcelona. Inspired by Gaudí’s cylindrical, perforated chimneys and ceiling and wall arcs, the original lamp was only rediscovered by another architect, Joaquim Ruiz Millet, in the 1990s during renovation works. The design was edited by Ruiz Millet and reintroduced (in five colours) by Gubi, a Danish design company new to the UK market. Et voilà. As neat a story as the lamp itself.

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