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It’s a compendium of delightful British designs

An online storehouse of tempting objects and artefacts

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It’s a compendium of delightful British designs

February 15 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

That Designed in England is a hip, urban design store is obvious from the moment its home page (an exposed brick wall adorned with an ornate gold picture frame and offset by a London street sign) loads. I am neither urban nor particularly hip, but since sites promoting British-made crafts seem to be launching all over the web these days, I can see that this is the concept to be pushing – and the 18 departments certainly contain plenty of pieces to tempt.

“Bowls”, for example, contains a vibrant and sculptural Fruit Bowl in laser-cut steel (third picture, £49), while “Candle Holders” stocks name-to-know designer Kathleen Hills’ beautiful Vintage Glass tea lights (first picture, £40 each) with bone-china base and vintage glass shade. Also here are Margo Selby’s glamorous graphic silk cushions (Etch Baguette cushion, £42), witty Against the Grain hand-tufted rugs by the site’s founder Andrew Tanner (second picture, £1,600 for a set of three) and some hand-made porcelain plates by fledging designer Chris Inder that promise to become collectors’ items (Chair and Knife and Fork dinner plates, £28 each, Butterknife side plate, £22).