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Souvenirs that stand head and shoulders above the crowd

Where souvenir-shop staples are given a stylishly graphic twist

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Souvenirs that stand head and shoulders above the crowd

February 10 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

Souvenir mugs and plates are generally best avoided, but Snowden Flood’s souvenir plates are things of real beauty. Made from bone china in the traditional British pottery town of Stoke-on-Trent, they bear interestingly angled screen-printed images of – among other things – great rivers of the world (Mississippi cup and saucer, second picture, £18.50) and London landmarks such as the London Eye, Tate Modern and Battersea Power Station (set of six River Series dinner plates, £125; Battersea Embroidery plate, first picture, £35).

And that’s not all. Snowden Flood’s eponymous, small but rather lovely online offering also includes low-key cushions embroidered with cross-stitched images of architectural icons (Statue of Liberty cushion, third picture, £60) and those staples of the souvenir shop, aprons, tea towels and trays. The fairground-inspired tea towel (£10) is exactly as described on the front: Extremely Nice.