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A joyously quirky selection of home accessories

An online store that offers homeware with wit and warmth

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A joyously quirky selection of home accessories

January 06 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

This fabulously named e-boutique does not, in fact, sell beetroot but you will forgive the misleading moniker as soon as the home page loads, for what it does sell is a joyously quirky selection of Polish home and living accessories.

Set up by a pair of Scottish-born but Warsaw-based friends with a passion for Poland’s signature industrial-meets-folk style, Beetroot is filled with truly unique things with which to furnish your home. Things such as the Estrela light, which rewards the effort required to assemble it by casting delightful shadows around any room it graces (£45); the witty Messy tablecloth (first picture, £145), so called because it’s decorated with embroidered drawings of dinner-party detritus; the steel-sheet Wycinanki coffee table with its pretty cutout motif (second picture, £255); and the Tense coat stand (third picture, £380), a sculptural piece based on the high-voltage electricity poles that stretch across the Polish landscape.

There are 10 departments in all but this is not the place for selective shopping. Leave out “Kids”, for example, and you’ll miss the Pleciaki storage stool with its gorgeous folk-style cushion (£95), while a decision to bypass “Cushions” would mean living without the irresistibly vibrant Blue and Lime Cockerels cushion (£20). So settle yourself somewhere comfortable and go browse.