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This e-shop is heaven for linen-lovers

An online gateway to a world of exquisite linen

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This e-shop is heaven for linen-lovers

December 23 2010
Charlotte Abrahams

Those of you who share my belief that the only thing that compares with the joy of sleeping between proper linen sheets is unfolding a generously-sized linen napkin will delight in the recent relaunch of TheLinenWorks.co.uk.

Clicking on “Dining” or “Bedroom” will transport you to a world of linen woven from Belgian flax and of such fine quality that it all carries the stamp of the Master of Linen. When everything is so desirable it’s hard to make a choice, but after much deliberation over whether the chalk-blue sheets were prettier than the white, or hem-stitched borders chicer than plain, I decided on the utterly simple, white Giens bed linen (£145 for a double duvet cover) and a hem-stitched Castellet tablecloth with simple-hem napkins (first picture; from £75 and £24 for a set of four respectively).

Linen may be the chief joy of this site, but there are lots of other goodies to be had here. The “Utility” section of the “Kitchen” department, for example, boasts a delightfully curious Goat Hair brush (fourth picture; £10, and apparently just the thing for dusting those fragile ornaments), “Pots & Pans” contains a must-have Mauviel M’Minis copper saucepan (£46) and “Bathroom” tempts with some traditional Turkish Peshtemal cotton spa towels (third picture; £49 for a pair).

It goes without saying that no linen-based shopping spree is complete without a bottle of scented water to spritz over those sheets, so before you log off, pop back to the “Bedroom” and pick up a stash of gorgeous Lavender Linen Spray (second picture; £12, 100ml).