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An online treasure trove of things both gorgeous and curious

Patient exploration of this e-shop will be richly rewarded

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An online treasure trove of things both gorgeous and curious

December 15 2010
Charlotte Abrahams

The couple behind eclectic e-emporium Whippet Grey are evidentially well-travelled people of taste, for this site is a treasure trove of things both gorgeous and curious. Shopping here takes time – the departmental signposts (Rare Finds, Curious Objects, Secret Garden, Children’s Den) are more about temptation than information – but patient exploration from the comfort of your armchair will be richly rewarded.

My visit resulted in a long wish-list of personal treats, top of which were a 1950s New York Subway Destination blind (third picture, from £295), and a charming Tree of Life ornament (made of 150-plus pieces of cardboard for self-assembly, £24.95), but the season being what it is, you may want to pick up some festive gifts for your loved ones.

I suggest a long Polished shoe horn (£44), a mould cast, lead sculpture of a most elegant Italian Greyhound (first picture, £1,475), a strangely beautiful blown-glass tea light topped with a hand-painted sea urchin and a small feathered bird (fourth picture, £112) and a set of Alexander Girard’s toy-meets-folk-sculpture painted wooden dolls (second picture, £67 each) – but there is plenty more to beguile you.