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Flower arrangements are a cinch with this clever device

Fine floral displays that stem from a neat invention

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Flower arrangements are a cinch with this clever device

November 23 2010
Catherine Moye

Like most people, I adore flowers; I especially love the emotional lift they give you when you enter a room. But I have never really enjoyed flower arranging. My friend Juliet usually has perfect flower arrangements in her house, partly because she gets plenty of practice: as the joint owner of a bar-restaurant, Le Cochonnet, in London’s Maida Vale, she has to change the flowers that adorn the bar area and tables every day.

Her secret is The Perfect Arranger by The Real Flower Company: a brilliantly designed woven metal nest. It is so flexible it can expand to accommodate a wide range of stems from sunflowers to lavender and holds them firmly and precisely in place. It also means that you can easily remove any dead blooms and re-arrange what is left.

Made from stainless steel, The Perfect Arranger was invented and patented by a Texan engineer who apparently designed it around a washing machine part. It is weighted and balanced so it does not require anything to hold it in place and works with every size and shape of container. And it means that the flowers can be removed from the container to change the water while keeping the arrangement intact. I’m a total convert, so much so that I’m going to buy several of the mini-arrangers as Christmas presents for girlfriends.

In four sizes, from £14 for a mini version to £40 for the extra large.

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