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The dream weaver

Damian Foxe fashions fit-for-the-catwalk bed linen that’s the epitome of boudoir chic.

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Two polyester, cotton and viscose Herringbone bedspreads (worn as skirt), £144 each, and polyester and cotton Rosette quilt, worn as jacket, £160, all by Pied à Terre from House of Fraser.

Silk-satin and lace Angelica corset, £289, and matching briefs, £39, both by Myla.

Background featured throughout shoot: Shell polyester throw, £75, by Linea from House of Fraser. Underfoot: Rosette polyester and cotton quilt, £160, by Pied à Terre from House of Fraser. For All Seasons Gem Egyptian cotton and Hungarian goose-down duvet, 280cm x 235cm, £615, by Brinkhaus.

Brinkhaus, 01296-394 980; www.brinkhaus.de. House of Fraser, 318 Oxford Street, London W1 (020-7003 4655; www.houseoffraser.co.uk) and branches. Linea, see House of Fraser. Myla, 4 Burlington Gardens, London W1 (0844-873 6111; www.myla.com) and branches/stockists. Pied à Terre, see House of Fraser.

Image: Yuval Hen