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The shop where everything comes up roses

It’s a temple to all things rose-related

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The shop where everything comes up roses

July 31 2010
Karen Wheeler

A few years ago a friend sent me roses in the post – a beautifully tied bouquet that arrived in a big eau-de-nil box – from Au nom de la rose, a French florist that specialises in roses. The next time I was in Paris I checked out the boutique in the Marais, which, in addition to selling fresh roses, is a temple to all things rose-related, including perfumes, cosmetics, interior and pillow sprays and even bags of fresh rose-petal confetti (€55).

There is also a wonderful range of rose-flavoured delicacies, including syrups (€14), teas (€9.50), chocolate (second picture, €9), crystallised rose petals (€12.50), and my favourite, the confit de pétales de rose (third picture, €7.50) – a rose-flavoured jam that tastes like Turkish Delight and is delicious on toast.

The bouquets, which are available in various colour schemes, including white, pastel and multi-coloured, can be ordered online and start at €20 for 11 roses. Delivery is within France only, but for visitors to France who are keen to immerse themselves in this world of roses, Au nom de la rose now has many franchises across the country.

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