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Pure products for the home that leave a gorgeous scent

The pure, clean scent of organic home products

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Pure products for the home that leave a gorgeous scent

July 29 2010
Karen Wheeler

It was on a visit to St Rémy de Provence in the South of France a few years ago that I first discovered the organic aromatherapy brand Florame. Here, the company’s flagship store stocks the full gamut of essential oils, floral waters, soaps and shower gels, the vast majority certified organic by EcoCert, but the two items that grabbed my attention, since I am always on the lookout for chemical-free household products, were not for the body but the home.

The first was the Verbena Breeze interior spray (second picture, £16.50) which, like all Florame’s home fragrance sprays, is made of pure, organic essential oils. Its sparklingly clean scent is a brilliant antidote to kitchen bins and lingering cooking smells. I also keep a bottle in the car for dealing with eau de damp dog. But my favourite product is the Savon Liquid Noir, or Black Liquid Soap (first picture, £7.99, 500ml), which is designed for cleaning terracotta but works well on any tiled floor and leaves a lingering scent of almond.

Florame’s French website does not deliver to the UK, but Florame recently launched a UK website from which these products can be bought.

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