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Rainbow lighting

A designer’s lair is filled with chandeliers of all descriptions

Rainbow lighting

October 03 2009
Katrina Burroughs

When I feel in need of a little extra sparkle in my life, I head to west London for a mooch around Rainbow, Fabio Bergomi’s Fulham store. The Italian designer’s lair is lined with chandeliers of all descriptions, some heavy on the deco-style elegance, some 1960s-funky. A handful are floor-to-ceiling crystal cascades of the most exquisite campery. Still others are vintage Venetian jobs that recall the extravagant glass confections that Bergomi grew up with, in a picturesque little town by Lake Garda. The particular object of my affection, the piece I’ll invest in when I finally put together a grown-up drawing room, called Swirl (£3,036), is made from bars of Venetian crystal, knotted like a silk cufflink. (Pictured: Spiral, £2,760.)

Rainbow provides just the sort of light therapy that should be prescribed for all forms of rainy-day blues. Best of all, if browsing should turn to buying, you can order creatively customised versions of many designs. The lights are manufactured in a couple of family-run workshops in Venice and Florence, using traditional techniques, and, as each one is made to order, you can throw in a few multicoloured prisms, drops and beads, an extra tier or a longer drop, and make the light your own. A sublime, twinkly treat.

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