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A kaleidoscope of adventurous, one-off glassware

London Glassblowing auctions colourful and quirky pieces

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A kaleidoscope of adventurous, one-off glassware

Image: Ester Segarra

January 19 2013
Nicole Swengley

Dancing with light, alive with colour, swirling with patterns: Peter Layton’s gorgeous glassware is a decorative treat that’s hard to resist. In March, the artist – one of Europe’s top glassmakers – is holding a week-long silent auction of around 60 free-blown pieces, with reserve prices from £120.

The selected works include some from Layton’s most popular designs, as well as adventurous, unusual, one-off test pieces inspired by the paintings of Hockney, Turner and van Gogh, produced during the development of collaborative collections with the Royal Academy and The National Gallery.

Standout pieces include the Hockney-inspired Garrowby V-Form (left in second picture; reserve price, £1,000), Early Paradiso Highlight Stoneform (right in second picture; reserve, £690), Turquoise Glacier (reserve, £1,200) and a Turner-inspired development piece with bold horizontal colours (reserve, £320). The Ariel Archive Stoneform (first picture; reserve, £580) and vibrant Poppy vase (centre in second picture; reserve, £860) will also enliven the proceedings.

All these remarkable pieces were created at London Glassblowing’s hot-glass studio-cum-gallery and can be previewed cumulatively on the its website from next week. The entire collection will also be displayed in the gallery throughout the bidding period. The silent auction kicks off at 10am on Thursday March 7 and runs until Thursday March 14. Bids can be placed in person, by phone or by email.