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A chic e-boutique with Indo-French flair

Natural materials in neutral hues for the person and the home

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A chic e-boutique with Indo-French flair

January 10 2013
Christina Ohly Evans

This French site fuses the best of rustic-chic European design with influences from as far afield as Thailand and North Africa. Divided into 12 muted-palette categories, Baan products range from accessories to objects for the home to rare vintage finds that are unlikely to be found elsewhere online.

The Bath & Spa section has beautiful hammered-brass soap dishes (€26) and elongated pumice stones (€12) – both as sculptural as they are useful. The same can be said of the Lucky Buddhist bracelets (€12) to be found in the Jewellery area; the soft gold bangles made with metallic paper are, apparently, Inès de la Fressange favourites. Similarly chic are scissors from Southeast Asia (third picture, €15) and the sensible homeware that abounds in the robust Kitchen & Table section. This area is perhaps the site’s greatest strength. Traditional woks in varying diameters (second picture, €45-€145) and stackable glazed tin canteens (€45) used by Thai monks are perfect for dumplings and dim sum.

Personal accessories run the gamut from tie-dyed sarongs and scarves in navy, indigo and charcoal hues (€60) to minimalist hemp shopping bags (€55). The Lamps, Furniture and Basketry categories offer braided wicker baskets with camel-coloured leather trims (€35) and “Poetic Lighting” (fourth picture, €160) – ethereal hanging bamboo fixtures – available in neutral tones. For one-off finds, head straight to the Vintage section, where weathered urns (€150-€320) have been hand-plucked from Morocco, and the traditional Siamese platters hewn from single planks of wood (first picture, €295-€350) would make for dramatic dessert or cheese presentations.

With its Indo-French flair, this e-boutique has the style of a Balinese shopping trip, without the carbon footprint.

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