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Stylish mugs that make perfect personalised presents

The search for a stylish drinking vessel is no longer a mug’s game

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Stylish mugs that make perfect personalised presents

March 04 2010
Gillian de Bono

As my stock of English creamware mugs has dwindled over the years, so my search for worthy replacements has become more obsesssive – and frustrated. I like my mugs capacious but not heavy or thick-rimmed. I like them straight-sided so that drinks don’t cool too quickly, and with handles that sit neatly in my hand. And finally (and this is the real challenge) I want them with a monochrome decoration that is individual but without a hint of whimsy.

Well, I’ve finally found a range that surpasses even my stringent requirements. Urban Alphabet half-pint creamware mugs by Big Tomato Company have a single black lower-case letter on one side in a pleasing Gill typeface, and on the reverse a striking contemporary graphic (A has an Anglepoise lamp, D a Dalek, W a wine bottle and glass). I’m slowly building up a set of my favourites, but the initials and graphics also make them perfect as personalised gifts or for special occasions (G for example, has a picture of a graduate).

I bought my mugs in Selfridges (£14 each), but you can also get them direct (£11.95 each) from Big Tomato Company.

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