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Delicious home fragrances, dispensed in intriguing new ways

New home scents that really deliver

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Delicious home fragrances, dispensed in intriguing new ways

April 28 2010
Lucia van der Post

I’ve long been a fan of Frédéric Malle’s Editions de Parfums, so when he brought out “Parfums pour la Maison” I was excited. For his “scents for the house”, he not only commissioned delicious fragrances, but came up with new ways of delivering them.

Most people’s idea of a home fragrance is a scented candle. Malle’s go the extra mile – he colours the hand-blown glass containers (second picture) in that deep Frédéric Malle red/orange and uses a wax that maximises the fragrance and its dispersal. More radically, he has developed a little red cube-shaped machine, Fleur Mécanique (first picture), which diffuses an aroma. Finally, there are mats of rubber incense, infused with fragrance and designed for small spaces such as cupboards or dressing rooms (£65 for three).

The Fleur Mécanique (£230) can be used with five scents (£42-£58). The candles come in nine scents (£48-£85). In London the collection can be seen and sniffed at Liberty and Les Senteurs.

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