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S this the emodiment of design perfection?

It’s the iPod of the coffee-making world

S this the emodiment of design perfection?

February 14 2010
Damian Foxe

This stunning little household appliance by Naoto Fukasawa does not make filter coffee any more quickly than the one I had previously been using. Nor, if I am honest, does it make a better tasting brew. What it does, however, is give me great personal joy every time I use it. And that’s because I regard it quite simply as the physical embodiment of design perfection, at least in the sphere of kitchen paraphernalia.

It looks like the iPod of the coffee-making world, and is equal in its economy of materials and its perfectly considered design. Fukasawa is known for his contemporary and user-friendly take on minimalism and has worked with brands as diverse as B&B Italia and Muji, but this piece (which costs £149) belongs to his own range called Plus Minus Zero.

The collection is dedicated to well designed and useful household gadgetry. I’ll probably give the humidifier a miss, but it’s only a matter of time before I buy the collection’s calculator, desk fan and wall clock.