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The futuristic pop-art feeding bottle

Even feeding a baby has a frisson of designer glamour

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The futuristic pop-art feeding bottle

January 12 2010
Mark C O’Flaherty

Quite why the design of just about anything for children has to be so utterly uninspiring, I don’t know. I’ve long since made the decision never to clutter up my living environment with either my own offspring or their paraphernalia, but for an increasing number of my social circle – tastemakers who also happen to be new parents – it’s a problem. At some point you need functional products that aren’t available in blond wood or at Baby Dior, and for that, you should look, unsurprisingly, to Denmark, and to the iiamo label.

I love the new Karim Rashid-designed iiamo Go feeding bottle for babies so much that I’ve bought one for everyone who could possibly have use for it. As befits the New York-based designer with a penchant for all things futurist and a pop-art colour palette, it has a pleasing molten sci-fi shape and comes in orange and purple, green and blue and white and pink. It’s also as technologically smart as it is handsome: the bottle is self-warming and heats the contents to body temperature in four minutes, wherever you are.

The iiamo Go isn’t quite enough reason to want to start a family, but for everyone I know with babies, it injects something rather tiresome and everyday with a frisson of high design and glamour.