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Bathroom and beauty products that are good enough to eat

The gospel according to Intelligent Nutrients

Bathroom and beauty products that are good enough to eat

December 04 2009
Mark C O’Flaherty

I first encountered the world of Intelligent Nutrients, and what I think might be the most radical new bathroom and beauty range of the 21st century, on a business trip to Minneapolis. An unlikely locale, perhaps, but it’s home to Aveda, and also used to be home to its founder Horst M Rechelbacher, who recently launched IN.

His isn’t a marketing spiel, it’s a gospel: the IN store is guarded by a row of Frank Lloyd Wright angels, and has bookshelves full of tomes about the dangers of synthetics and toxins. IN is all food-grade organic, so you could, if you were so inclined, eat the shampoo or face wash. Horst himself is a wellbeing guru – he only drinks San Pellegrino from bottles (he believes plastic is a contaminant) and has a full-time chef who cooks entirely organic meals. Most importantly, his IN range – which now includes low-GI agave, coffee and “multi-functional aromatics” – is as seductive and effective as it is toxin-free.

Organic hair conditioner, $34; Total Body Cleanser, $29; Anti-Aging Moisture, $50.

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