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A new weapon in the war against cellulite

The incredible cellulite-vanishing trick

A new weapon in the war against cellulite

November 26 2009
Lucia van der Post

Cellulite is many a woman’s most distressing aesthetic problem, but now there’s a new weapon in the war against puffy, dimpled skin: electro-lymphatic therapy.

Cellulite is the name given to the accumulation of enlarged fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer and it is the cells pressing on the skin which give that distinctive “cottage cheese” look. Anyone who has ever suffered from puffiness of the face or swelling of limbs after a flight, who is prone to water retention, will probably know already that lymphatic drainage can help, but not everybody knows that it can also aid in banishing cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage, which is normally done manually with the lightest of touches, works by moving along the lymph and clearing out toxins and blockages, thus improving circulation and the condition of the skin. Esther Fieldgrass, who runs the EF MediSpa in London’s Kensington (pictured), was so impressed with the results produced by an electro-lymphatic therapy machine she saw in the US that she has brought one over to her spa, one of only two places in the UK to have the device. It works by delivering a charge of negative ions to the surface of the skin; the charge reaches down onto the surface of the cells, moving along the lymph, which in turn helps unblock clumped red blood cells which interfere with oxygen being delivered to various parts of the body.

The touch is as light and gentle as manual lymphatic drainage massage should be and it seems to bring spectacular results, though it requires persistence – two or three half-hour treatments a week for a couple of weeks should be followed by some of once a week and then once a month and finally six-monthly. It works best if combined with the Spa RF “radio frequency” treatment which tightens and smoothes the skin. A half-hour treatment costs £75.