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Spa Junkie on… Harmony laser facial treatment

Our undercover reporter sees the light as Umay works her magic

Spa Junkie on… Harmony laser facial treatment

Image: Jay Yeo

January 21 2012
Spa Junkie

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Spa Junkie is beginning a course of laser treatments to remove small, unsightly veins from her face.

The thing I really want to know: how soon will I see the difference?

“You will notice the redness fade much quicker – probably within 24 hours; a dewy and glowy look this evening; and the results will keep improving over the next six weeks. Just make sure you keep your face out of the sun.” Umay looks at me sternly as she puts on the goggles.

How does it work to rid me of the redness? “The yellow part of the light spectrum in the IPL is absorbed by the red in the skin. It heats and essentially damages the veins, reducing them or completely ridding your face of them. Now, are you ready? It will feel like a rubber band snapping against your face.”

Yup – ready as I’ll ever be, my mind flashing back to my past experience. I clench my teeth as she gently pushes the metal head, which is about 3in by 1.5in, onto my face.

As she zaps away, I ask what the difference is between this Harmony treatment and the much-talked-about Fraxel one.

“Fraxel is a more powerful laser. It’s used for older skin and acne scarring. It works in a deeper way, and requires at least five days’ down time for the top layers to peel off. It’s a phenomenal machine, but I don’t think you need it yet. Let’s start with a course of four of these, and we can take it from there. This machine has a number of different head applicators, so I can use one to combat open pores, one to reduce the little acne marks on your chin, and we can play around and see what you need after that. You’ll look like new once we’re done.”

Preach, sister!


So far I have had three sessions, and there has not been a trace of redness, even an hour after the treatment. And, as Umay suggested would be the case, the texture and overall appearance of my skin has improved tremendously. The redness I had across my nose and cheeks is virtually non-existent. I have thrown out the cabinet’s worth of green anti-redness tints I have purchased over the past few years.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this treatment. However, be very diligent about ensuring that your face is nowhere near the sun for the six weeks prior to and post-treatment – otherwise you may have burns, scarring or a lifetime of brown pigmentation, which is not what the aesthetician ordered.

Spa Junkie pays for all her own travel, treatments and accommodation.