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Are you getting enough high-quality sleep?

A new device is designed to shed light on sleeping problems

Are you getting enough high-quality sleep?

November 23 2011
Lucia van der Post

According to James Wallman, editor of online trend forecaster LS:N Global, there’s a new breed of man around – the “self-quantifier”. In their quest for health and beauty, they don’t just act on instinct, thinking something smells nice or sounds good; they crunch the data first, then decide on what to do and how to act.

Take sleep, one of the most intractable problems for many a 21st-century man (and woman, come to that), and one of the most important factors, with diet and exercise, in health and beauty. The “self-quantifier” might buy the Zeo Sleep Manager to help him sort the problem once and for all. It consists of a soft, slim black headband that you wear in bed while its very smart software tracks the brain’s activity and can measure the quantity and quality of sleep. The Bedside version (£139) comes complete with a docking station into which the SIM card from the headband is transferred – from where it stores and analyses the information, coming up with data and advice – while the Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile (£89, pictured) syncs with a phone on an iOS or Android operating system.

Once you know when and for how long you get your deep sleep, you can check your eating and drinking patterns, and training programmes to see how they affect your rest and moderate your behaviour accordingly. It’s getting rave reviews from those who have tried it. It would suit the techy types who love fiddling with gadgets and having a rational basis on which to act.

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