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A helping hand for the wedding-day look

Confidence-boosting preparations for the big day

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A helping hand for the wedding-day look

November 06 2011
Elisa Anniss

With my wedding just a few days away, I will soon be in possession of the bouquet, the dress, gorgeous glitter shoes and convincingly sun-kissed legs (courtesy of St Tropez spray tan). But until I discovered Charles Worthington’s Wedding Atelier – a confidence-boosting by-appointment service that could be used to prepare for any big party-season event – I hadn’t given hair or make-up much thought. My trademark straight, dark shoulder-length hair was all I had in mind.

Achieving hair and make-up perfection is always difficult. When you’re older, in my case mid-40s, striking the right balance between looking youthful with minimal make-up and achieving a groomed sophistication that matches one’s years but isn’t too ageing, is increasingly tricky to achieve. Thankfully, though, help is at hand.

According to Matthew Soobroy, Charles Worthington’s senior manager, bad hair and nuptials seem to go hand in hand because brides rarely invest in a practice run. The other pitfall is that few seek to establish a relationship with the make-up artist/hairstylist who they might only meet on the morning of their wedding, yet still expecting these strangers to work wonders.

Tales of wedding-day woes and grimacing brides were a call to action for Matthew, who has years of red-carpet experience including the Baftas (Charles Worthington is the official sponsor). So, earlier this year he joined forces with seasoned celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole to create The Wedding Atelier, which is housed on the first floor of Charles Worthington’s salon in London’s Percy Street. For £150, soon-to-be brides are given a 60-minute trial-run consultation which includes special-occasion hair and make-up designed to suit face shape, colouring, personal style and dress. The goal is for the look to be easily replicated on the day itself, either by The Wedding Atelier (for a further £450 fee), or if not in London, by other stylists.

Rather than making a big statement, I found that Matthew’s creations don’t leave you looking or feeling totally unrecognisable. For me, he suggested gentle curls, something I hadn’t considered since rags had made ringlets when I was a child. The result – a pinned-up style designed to enhance my vintage “look” of Temperley dress in a dusky colour – won me over instantly. Although subtle, Ariane’s make-up was just as polished. She talked me through insider tips on how to appear shine-free and line-free and how to achieve un-spidery, long dark lashes. No wonder I’ll be heading back to Percy Street on a significant Saturday morning soon, to be pampered by people adept at soothing pre-event nerves.

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