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Spa Junkie at… Bodyism

‘Time for the first-week reckoning. I definitely feel slimmer’

Spa Junkie at… Bodyism

Image: Jay Yeo

November 08 2011
Spa Junkie

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Spa Junkie has embarked on a two-week programme in pursuit of weight loss and a flat tummy at Bodyism in west London.

Every day starts with a very lovely chocolate-tasting milkshake. How they have managed to make a bowl of vegetables taste like a choco smoothie is beyond me.

I’m training with Dalton today. I get the same ankle-strap treatment as the ass-in-the-air supermodel I encountered on my first day. It looked a lot better when she did it.

Then it’s pelvic muscle work. “The pelvic muscles are like your natural corset; it’s imperative you use this muscle every day. It’s the one you use when you go to the loo; yup, that one. You need to squeeze it at least 15 times each time you urinate, and that should be a minimum of five times a day. Trust me, your boyfriend will thank you.”

The workout is slow and restorative, till the end when he has me on the Versaclimber, a vertical climbing machine that works every part of your body and if done at speed makes your heart leap from your chest.

I’m given a chocolate protein shake as a reward and am ushered into what was previously one of the three bedrooms upstairs in this former mews house – now a quasi yoga den. The room is small and I feel a little squashed if I compare it to my regular Jivamukti yoga centre. But the lesson is good; the teacher corrects and aligns as we flow.

I see Nicki next for a deep-tissue massage. She hands me some magnesium soak to help ease any muscle tension I might have from the four days of training. This, together with Epsom salt baths at least two or three times a week, speeds up weight loss. This is what the “supers” do before bikini shoots, I am told.

The day ends with the skinny “sleep” shake. You drink it before bed and it helps with the slight hunger pangs. It’s so good I lick the glass for every last drop.

Time for the first-week reckoning. Today it’s back to the Body Oracle assessment and the Body Metrix machine that measures body fat. I definitely feel slimmer, despite all these shakes and the far less cardio-intense workout.

“Amazing!” Natalie yelps. “You have lost 5.3 per cent of body fat. That’s really good. You are down 1.7kg.” My waist is much slimmer, and with my top off I notice the etchings of my rectus abdominals, the so-called six-pack muscles, beginning to form under the rib cage.

Spa Junkie pays for all her own travel, treatments and accommodation.