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The hot Chanel nail polish for spring

Now is the time to nail a bottle of Chanel’s new polish

The hot Chanel nail polish for spring

November 21 2009
Karen Wheeler

It’s no secret that you have to be faster off the blocks than Usain Bolt to secure certain Chanel nail polishes. I still regret missing out on the legendary holographic-effect nail lacquer (aka Chanel Duo Platinum Metal), which was the polish of 2007. Nor was I quite quick enough for Chanel Le Vernis in Jade – a limited edition shade somewhere between mint and leaf green that recently sold out within 40 minutes of arrival at Selfridges.

My woman at Chanel imparts the disappointing news that the boutiques have also sold out – nearly all stock was eaten up on arrival by the long waiting lists – and there won’t be a second delivery. So unless you are prepared to pay £70-plus on eBay for the £16 polish, there’s no chance of flashing this on your fingertips now.

However, there is another hot colour looming for spring: Chanel Le Vernis Particulière (£16), which is the colour of a chocolate milkshake. Pop chanteuse Lily Allen recently appeared in a magazine with her nails painted in the new mink-coloured polish, but don’t let that deter you. Particulière doesn’t arrive in the boutiques until January, so there is plenty of time to nail a bottle.

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