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The body powder that’s a fragrant favourite

It’s the little things, like body powder, that make a big difference

The body powder that’s a fragrant favourite

August 21 2011
Jenny Dalton

I’m a total talcum powder fanatic and have been since childhood, when I remember my grandmother armed with giant powder puff, dusting us all down with scented talc after bathtime.

Years later, it’s still a small but vital part of my life. My travelling essentials always consist of a small “talc” – even if I’m only armed with a compact and strictly edited overnight bag. But since news emerged of a possible link between talc and cancer, I’ve been using a powder without any talc in it at all – namely Neal’s Yard baby powder, which I discovered for the children a number of years ago from the little store in Borough Market around the corner from the FT offices. Little more than organic maize starch with a propolis preservative, it contains no mineral talc.

Then, on a recent visit to the Neal’s Yard store at Victoria station, I was pleased to discover that there are adult versions of the powder, too – a lavender and tea tree oil version, recommended to freshen you up after sports, and a geranium and orange fragrance, £5.30 (my now preferred choice; pictured).

By all accounts it’s easy to make your own maize starch body powder for mere pence, but I like both the travel-friendly size and the attractive packaging of the Neal’s Yard products, and of course their organic essential oil scents are always clear and true.

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