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Hugo Boss explores its heritage for these new scents

A new range of delicious fragrances for men

Hugo Boss explores its heritage for these new scents

July 13 2011
Lucia van der Post

Hugo Boss has come up with some delicious new fragrances for men. Now, since the world is already awash with eaux infused with divine ingredients, the powers that be at Boss must have been sorely exercised as to how to come up with something new.

What they’ve done is to dig deep into their own heritage – which is, of course, menswear and all the beautiful fabrics that go into making suits and shirts, sweaters and ties – and to come up with a collection of five fragrances which, in their own words, are “an exploration of the fusion between fabric and fragrance”.

They started by choosing five luxurious fabrics that the house has used in its collections – wool, silk, cashmere, velvet and cotton – and paired each with a single but intense note that has been, again in their own words, “inextricably linked to it throughout history”.

These pairings have produced a range of distinctive fragrances in which there should be one for almost every taste. What they’ve come up with is Wool Musk (described as warm and sensual), Cotton Verbena (crisp and fresh), Silk Jasmine (luxurious), Cashmere Patchouli (softly aromatic) and finally Velvet Amber (intensely rich). Few people will like them all but most will, I think, like – and some will love – a few.

They’re available exclusively at Harrods. Start with the lightest (Cotton & Verbena) and work your way up to the richest (Cashmere & Patchouli) – the counter will have them lined up in the order in which you should test them. Speaking personally, I’m distinctly fond of Wool & Musk.

£110 for 50ml.

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