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Spa Junkie on… vibrational training

Can a new form of vibrational training really deliver better results for less effort?

Spa Junkie on… vibrational training

July 19 2011
Spa Junkie

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Spa Junkie is experiencing a new form of vibrational training with personal trainer Wayne, using the XL VibePlate.


I wake up to a glorious day in London. I do a quick mental full-body scan to assess yesterday’s damage. Apart from some tightness in my buttocks, there is no sign of pain or stiffness. I run down to Wayne’s studio in Fulham. We start again with sun salutations, which today I seem to perform with a great deal more grace.

Wayne, I figure, is like Marmite – you either love him or hate him. He is as tough as nails and thinks nothing of deploying the f-word, yet somehow manages to be totally charming, and gratifyingly generous with the praise when you nail a position to his satisfaction.

Today, he introduces the accessories – heavy medicine balls that I lift as I squat, lunge and twist on the VibePlate. Having tried the Power Plate, I can say with authority that this new formula has been tempered well; it’s still a very effective fast track to fitness, but involves a great deal less organ-shaking. When I’ve tried Power Plate, even the medium setting makes me feel as if my organs are unhitching, and the saying “your heart was in your throat” seems a real possibility. But with the VibePlate, instead of standing and holding on for dear life, you get to lie down on your back and have a soothing three-minute full-body massage at the machine’s lower frequency. And a foot rub administered by Wayne ends your workout.


I’m a lot more proficient today, for some reason; we get through the salutations quickly and move on to level two yoga moves. Wayne also incorporates a few sets of kettle bell exercises. He explains to me that this type of balance training on vibrating equipment strengthens the core muscles while keeping the heart rate elevated, which means I’m burning aerobic calories the entire time I’m also building muscle tone. On average, a session lasts under an hour; with Wayne, I opted for one-to-one, which gave me his undivided attention and allowed for continuous corrections and adjustments that will help me with my conventional yoga practice. Stretches on this machine are a lot more intense, but overall it requires relatively little exertion, since I’m mostly doing slow movements and letting the machine do the pounding for me. In other words: much less effort, a lot more results.


“The proof is in the pudding.” Those were Wayne’s words when I started training with him. And now, with my fourth session finished, I really can see why my zealous little CEO has continued with this workout. Although I have had only four sessions, I can see clearly where this is going, and I am certain that if I continue, the results will be impressive. My arms are visibly more defined and I can see that my upper abs are genuinely more prominent and my bottom ever so slightly perkier. This is not to say that four sweaty, back-to-back sessions at hardcore Jivamukti yoga would not have given the same results. But for those who find a faster Ashtanga yoga practice too gruelling, this is ideal. Personally, I won’t be replacing traditional yoga entirely, but I will use this as a weekly bolt-on to my regime.


In my opinion this is a definite innovation in vibrational training, a more pleasant and sustainable method that works more or less for all ages.

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