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Spa Junkie at… the Four Seasons Park Lane

Disappearing for an afternoon turns out to be a reviving experience for our covert columnist

Spa Junkie at… the Four Seasons Park Lane

July 12 2011
Spa Junkie

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Spa Junkie is spending an afternoon in the new spa and gym at the Four Seasons Park Lane, London.

As my therapist places the moor mud mask on my face, I decide to ask her a question: “What are you currently using on your skin?”

“Well,” she says, “I like to mix it up. I believe in the Claudia Schiffer school of thought.”

“Now which school of thought is that?” I am intrigued.

“Well, you don’t eat the same food every day, so why would you feed your biggest organ – your skin – with the same ingredients, day in and day out? Claudia believes that it’s good to alternate and use a variety of products. I use serums from The Organic Pharmacy, face cream from Omorovicza – I don’t think one needs to stick with a full range of same-brand product.”

“I tend to agree,” I say. “However, as an independent thinker, I do hope this does not immediately enrol me in this same celebrity school of thought!”

We have a giggle; the mud mask cracks.

“What else is on offer here? Any next-generation treatments, any unique machines, lasers or radio frequency? Anything new or special I haven’t heard of?”

“Not at the moment; as of now we only offer the basic hand-performed treatments.”

I’m surprised. One would think that the Four Seasons, which is one of the hotel spa front-runners, would match this high-tech super space with a similarly impressive treatment range and perhaps even a resident aesthetician or dermatoligist. Like so many of the world’s finest hotels, which have made homes for leading diet theories, such as Henri Chenot at L’Albereta, or Dukan at The Residence in Tunisia, one would imagine that making home to a few specialists and world-class exclusive treatments would make the spa a destination instead of a hotel add-on.


I enjoyed the treatment and the therapist was faultless in her execution. I am not a big fan of the Omorovicza product, however; an hour after I’d left, my skin felt dry. Not what you’d expect after 80 minutes of kneading and prodding. My thoughts are that the signature body rituals are the better bet when coming here.

However, the space and the design of the spa are simply divine, the personal relaxation pods and couples sky suites are, from what I've seen, unmatched, the gym is well equipped and spacious, and with 180-degree views across London I’d defy anyone to watch pop videos on the treadmills. All the facilities are free of charge when booking a treatment so one can really spend a day exercising and pampering. There is also a delightful little sunlit all-glass café with a balcony for post-treatment lunch or tea with the girls and all of this together makes for a special and relaxing sky-high experience.

My bill was £175.

Spa Junkie pays for all her own travel, treatments and accommodation.