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A class in cosmetics – from the experts

Lessons in make-up from those in the know

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A class in cosmetics – from the experts

June 24 2011
Lucia van der Post

Speak to most women who are reasonably concerned about their appearance, and the one thing they’d really like help with is their make-up. They would love to know that they’d got the right primer, perfectly matched foundation, spot-on blusher and all the rest. Look at the faces of those who’ve got it beautifully sussed (and, having sat right opposite her on a few occasions, I can tell you that Sam Cameron has it sorted quite brilliantly) and you can see that every product has been perfectly judged.

So, if you’d like to crack it once and for all, or if you feel your make-up needs updating, it could be worth checking into The Session School. It’s primarily a school for those who want to become professional make-up artists or who need to know about it for serious career reasons. It was started by Dani Guinsberg, a well-known make-up artist whose work has appeared in all the glossiest of glossies as well as in some very starry ad campaigns, so she and her team have lots of experience and professional know-how to pass on.

But – of interest to you and me – it also gives private lessons to anybody who just wants to learn some professional tricks of the trade or who thinks their own make-up techniques are sadly lacking. For two hours you get one-to-one advice on what suits you, and which products to use from across a wide range of brands. They will go through your own make-up bag, advise on the tools you need and show you how to apply the make-up.

I, for instance, after a lifetime of using mostly fingers and the odd sponge, am now totally convinced that proper brushes make all the difference and use them always for applying make-up and for powder and blusher, not to mention eyebrows and eyeshadows.

The lesson, which lasts for two hours, costs £250 and it makes a great present to give a wife, a daughter, a bride or a friend.