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Spa Junkie in… Thailand

Our covert columnist gives her verdict on her stay in a laid-back Thai resort

Spa Junkie in… Thailand

Image: Jay Yeo

June 14 2011
Spa Junkie

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Spa Junkie is staying at Kamalaya, Koh Samui, on a week-long Relax & Renew package.


My last day. The yoga session is sublime. From here I head to my final consultation with the medical team.

I seem to have shrunk. My waist is tiny, I am toned and I pass the skinny-jeans test with an A+. I have lost almost a dress size. The scales mark it at 2kg. I’m thrilled, but work hard to suppress it so as to not flaunt my sheer delight in front of Pocket Rocket.

One more acupuncture session before I’m off. This will be my third, and I have found the treatment very effective. Today he has needles in my ears and my “third eye” – the space between my eyes where the “11” of a frown appears – which leaves me curiously exhausted. I stumble out.

I’m feeling almost too tanned for my own good, so decide to skip the beach. I fill my afternoon with back-to-back treatments: a colonic and another kick-boxing session, then an interval for a run on the beach, followed by the infrared sauna and a massage.

At supper I give some coaching to PR, as I try to help her tweak her programme. I truly enjoy yoga and sport, and can live on vegetable soup and salads, so I suppose it’s easier for me.

But things are looking up for her, since as of that afternoon she has reached 1kg of weight loss. We toast with some fresh mint tea.


Kamalaya is genuinely special. It has a great energy, the food is exceptional and the staff very friendly – as welcoming as you find across Thailand. A lot of care and thought have gone into the retreat, and the therapists are laudably well trained (though don’t be afraid to ask for strong hands if you like a deeper massage; they’ll err on the gentle side until you say something). The guidelines are just that: Kamalaya is not as strict as SHA Wellness or the Mayr Clinic. They don’t police you and you can order freely from the menu, so if you don’t have natural portion-control instincts, you may struggle. And exercise is at your own discretion, so if you are going for a quick fix then I don’t recommend it. But if, like me, you are a veteran at spa-going and want a break from it all, Kamalaya provides that in spades.

Spa Junkie pays for all her own travel, treatments and accommodation.