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When a woman needs grooming, this is the perfect little compact

The eyebrow kit that helps make a subtle but vital difference

When a woman needs grooming, this is the perfect little compact

April 21 2011
Jenny Dalton

The former Chanel muse Inès de la Fressange recently said that the best advice she ever received on beauty and ageing was from her grandmother: the older you get, the “neater” you need to be, were her sage words of wisdom. I have a similar theory which says, rather more bluntly, “When the face goes, all that’s left is grooming.” I have to confess, I’ve just about reached this point now that I’ve hit near-middle age, and I’m not the only one to notice.

Last year my mother bought me a chic little brow-grooming compact from Chanel. Called Le Sourcil de Chanel Perfect Brows, it contains a little brow-taming brush, tiny tweezers, a magnifying mirror, and three brow colours – which you can mix to create your perfect brow shade – for filling in those little gaps that appear as your brows age and thin.

At first I was a little offended, having not brushed my brows since the late 1980s/early ’90s and that bizarre Cindy Crawford/Brooke Shields mega up-brushed eyebrow trend (I was a teenager; I used a toothbrush). But now I find I’m using the little brush daily. The tweezers, meanwhile, are effective, and I use the lighter colour to infill gaps. The result is subtle but definitely makes a difference to my face. Not quite de la Fressange groomed, but groomed nonetheless.

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