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Time-limited luxuries

The spirit of a legendary Mediterranean spa comes to London

Time-limited luxuries

February 28 2011
Vicki Reeve

A confession: the picture attached to this article is a touch misleading – for it’s clearly not London. But if you’re stuck in a cold, grey Blighty and can’t escape to the sun, you might like to hear that the spirit of the Mediterranean has come to Urban Retreat at Harrods in the form of the Forte Village Spa Festival. Two of the most senior therapists and some of the exclusively designed treatments from the famous Sardinian resort and spa (which is pictured) arrive for a month from February 28.

The spa’s Terme del Mare range contains sea minerals to “soothe, stimulate and protect” the skin, and the menu on offer at Harrods includes facials such as a nourishing, de-sensitising Vitapeel facial for sensitive skin (£90, 50 minutes), an invigorating Fortissimamente Forte Massage (£90, 50 minutes) and a circulation-boosting, exfoliating Honey & Salt Terme Del Mare treatment (£90).

And if that gives you a taste for more, you could always book in at the Thaermae del Forte Spa itself – though be warned: this could turn into an expensive habit.