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How one woman discovered a cure for her winter frizz

Who cares what’s in it? All that matters is that it works

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How one woman discovered a cure for her winter frizz

February 07 2011
Katrina Burroughs

Only curly-haired women will understand. There comes a point during the winter when you notice that your hair is growing outwards rather than down and that it has the texture of a well-known brand of scouring pad. And then, something must be done. I take myself off to Jo Hansford’s Mayfair salon (second picture) and have clever colourist Victoria subdue the frizz, and cover grey streaks, with a gentle vegetable dye. And that’s where I made this valuable hair discovery.

Jo Hansford’s Intensive Masque for Fine Hair (first picture) is a product I’d recommend to anyone who suffers from persistent Brillo pad syndrome. It protects and prolongs your colour and moisturises your hair into soft spiral curls. Best of all, there’s only a moderate amount of mucking around associated with the Masqueing. First you shampoo and towel dry, then apply the gloop, work it to the ends, and finally – the tricky bit – wait. It says “leave for up to five minutes” on the pot, but I find that five minutes confined to the bathroom begins to drag terribly, and end up spending half an hour with my head wrapped in a towel, answering emails.

The results, doubtless enhanced by the extra-long application, are quite remarkable. Once it’s dry, I can actually run my fingers through to the ends of my mop without getting caught up in knots. According to the label, the key ingredients include Castanha do Brasil, Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamins A and E. Who knows what that means? I wouldn’t care if it contained eye of newt: it’s become my winter shortcut to softer, shinier hair.

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