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Falling in love with a pure and fragrant range of beauty products

The packaging is cute, but there’s serious beauty cred here, too

Falling in love with a pure and fragrant range of beauty products

January 25 2011
Lindsay Macpherson

I have long had a problem with travelling light; I am simply not very good at it. So in an effort to avoid tipping over into excess baggage, I usually avoid packing bulky toiletries, preferring to check out my destination’s local beauty buys and (hopefully) uncover some hidden gems.

This approach paid off on a recent trip to New Zealand, where I fell in love with homegrown brand Snowberry’s cosmeceutical range. I was initially seduced by the cute packaging (illustrated by paper-cut supremo Rob Ryan) and the delicious scent (each product has its own), but the company has serious beauty cred, too. Snowberry’s founder Soraya Hendesi is so committed to natural ingredients and eschewing chemicals that she established a 22-hectare plantation of native New Zealand vegetation, so she could cultivate and research her homeland’s indigenous plants, extracting their potent emollient, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredients.

I tried the Nourishing Lite Day Cream (pictured) with huacava oil and mother-of-pearl extract (from £47), which soothed my sun-parched skin without feeling heavy – a blessing in New Zealand’s hot and humid weather. And since returning home, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that the sweet-smelling lotion is more than moisturising enough for the UK’s chillier climes. The brand has only recently made its way to our shores via Harvey Nichols, which stocks the entire range; it also sells a selection of 15ml miniatures – perfect for the overloaded traveller.

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