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A souvenir from New York to sparkle up your nails

The inexpensive gift that looks a million dollars

A souvenir from New York to sparkle up your nails

October 10 2009
Vanessa Friedman

For anyone passing through New York – or living there, for that matter – and in need of a present to bring back to a girl, the hands-down best souvenir I have ever discovered are nail stickers. Available at almost any drug store chain (Duane Reade, Riteaid), they come in various guises – flowers, stars, smiley faces – cost about $5 per pack, and look surprisingly glamourous when placed on the toes under a layer of clear polish, making them oddly desirable for pretty much every woman of every age.

In fact, having tried some on my own feet as a pre-fashion show mother/daughter ritual last week, I created quite a stir during the ready-to-wear shows. “Love your pedi!”, cried one colleague as we sat waiting for Dolce & Gabbana to begin and she admired the daisies that my nine-year-old had applied. “Where did you get it?” Now you know.