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Philips Lumea

A hair-removal technique used in salons is now available at home

Philips Lumea

November 17 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This Philips pulsed-light hair-removal system may not be quite the thing to give a loved one – I suspect it’s more a present to self.

I’ve held back since it came out in the spring before recommending it, because I wanted to be sure it works before suggesting you spend a not unhairy £400 on one. But a few months in, my (anonymous) tester is delighted with the Lumea, although she mentions that it’s pretty time-consuming. I notice it’s gone down a storm on beauty blogs around the world too. This is not entirely surprising; Philips makes serious medical equipment and would be unlikely to risk its reputation on something quack-ish.

Using intense light to coax unwanted hair to give up the ghost is not a new technology – beauty salons have used it for a while – but a safe home-use system is a novelty. And I think many of you will love it. Consult Philips’ website carefully before buying – the Lumea is not suitable for some hair and skin types. And don’t blame me if you take the risk of buying it unasked as a Christmas present.

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