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Could this be the product to control wilful hair?

Taming unruly hair with a cocktail of unguents and essences

Could this be the product to control wilful hair?

October 02 2010
Sibéal Pounder

My hair is rather unruly, and those who know me well are aware that I would gladly pay a small fortune for a product guaranteed to tame it. No matter what I smooth or lather or paste on to my hair, somehow it manages to outmanoeuvre me, developing what I can only describe as an immunity to even the most celebrated of products. I’ve tried everything from Oribe’s haircare products to Kerastase’s champion smoothing serum. All worked for a few days, but then the hair fought back.

Then, about a month ago, Rochelle Reef (the brains behind How To Spend It’s Gift Guide) bought me some Kava Kava serum (£26) – a product guaranteed to tame my hair, she told me. The brand is based in Israel and currently only stocked in the UK by Roi Korach at Kink, a tiny boutique hair salon in north London. And, dare I say it, it seems to be working.

A cocktail of ceramides, rosemary, ginkgo and kava kava essence to smooth and add shine, the serum claims to seal the cuticles and contains a firm forming ingredient to protect the hair from external aggravators (the dreaded humidity on the tube is a particular bugbear for me). One month has passed and my hair is proving no match for Kava Kava – but I’m armed with the brand’s hydroganic hair mask (£30), shampoo (£16), and moisturising styling cream (£20) as well, just in case.

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