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The vibrating mascara that’s creating a buzz

A magic wand that coats eyelashes in moments

The vibrating mascara that’s creating a buzz

September 23 2010
Catherine Moye

A young man asking a woman if she’d like to take a look at a “vibrating mascara” sounds a tad uncouth. At least it did when I was first introduced to the product in Los Angeles last year, within weeks of its launch. Along with its rather suggestive name, the vibrating mascara sounded like yet another ploy to get credulous women to part with their cash.

But the Lancôme sales assistant gushed and within minutes I’d fallen for it. So, it seems, have a lot of women, judging by the way other leading brands have emulated Lancôme’s original (although in the UK Lancôme has since changed the “vibrating” word to “oscillating”).

According to the description, “the polymer-based vibrating brush has been specially designed to work in synergy with the texture of oscillation for perfect lashes in the blink of an eye”. Goodness knows what that means. But in my experience, you simply press the button and this mascara coats your lashes with zigzag brushstrokes, making them look fuller, longer and more separated.

Women anxious to cut down on the time it takes them to get made-up and out of the house should definitely invest. For in a few seconds of almost zero effort, the mascara makes it look as if a professional make-up artist has been coating your lashes for at least three tube stops. As it should: at £29, the mascara is twice the price of the traditional type. But I am totally converted, and could no more imagine putting mascara on my lashes without this brilliant vibrating wand than I could imagine cleaning my teeth with a regular toothbrush rather than a motorised one.

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