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The magical liquid that imparts instant radiance

A new product that gives the face a soft-focus glow

The magical liquid that imparts instant radiance

October 09 2010
Karen Wheeler

A year or so ago I discovered a beauty product that really did deliver that oft-promised but rarely-delivered Holy Grail of instant radiance. Containing a magical mix of crushed minerals and crystals, By Terry’s Preciosity – Serum Teint Haute Lumière smoothed over my complexion like a layer of newly-minted skin.

Unfortunately, when I tried to buy a new bottle recently, I discovered – as is often the case with beauty products I like – that it had been discontinued. (I’m told, though, that if you are prepared to scour French beauty stores, you might still be able to pick up one of the last remaining bottles of the €82 wonder fluid.)

Then last week I discovered a new product that more than makes up for the loss: Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for the Face (£24.50) is a pink-gold liquid that magically peps up the complexion, just like Preciosity. You can apply it over make-up, or if, like me, you believe that less is more, wear it on its own. Either way, its light-reflecting pigments ensure that you will be seen in flattering soft focus.

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