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It doesn’t promise miracles; it’s just a brilliant moisturiser

For a youthful glow, no anti-ageing technology is required

It doesn’t promise miracles; it’s just a brilliant moisturiser

September 12 2010
Karen Wheeler

Whenever friends ask me, “What’s the best anti-ageing cream?”, I invariably recommend Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Advanced Super-Revitalizer – or just Shiseido Bio-Performance, as fervent followers refer to the cult pale pink cream, which I’ve been using for the best part of two decades.

In that time I’ve also tested many of the new premium “super” creams, numerous so-called dermatologist brands and other products promising miscellaneous miracles, but I have yet to find anything that compares to this. It’s not the most expensive product on the beauty counter and it doesn’t make any claims to lift the skin, eradicate wrinkles or deliver youthful radiance. What it does do is moisturise the skin really effectively, thanks to a big dose of skin-plumping bio-hyaluronic acid (tellingly, Shiseido also supplies this ingredient to other skincare brands).

The drier your skin, the more you are likely to love Bio-Performance. And as for the friends I’ve recommended it to, some are delighted; others are dismayed to have acquired what they consider to be an expensive beauty habit. But none has ever reported back that they found it anything other than wonderful.

£72 for 50ml.

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