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The hit US nail varnish brand that’s taking off in the UK

Nail varnishes with strange names and stunning colours

The hit US nail varnish brand that’s taking off in the UK

August 27 2010
Avril Groom

A queue in Selfridges in August, well after the sales had finished, seemed worth investigating. The cause, I found, was one of the few nail polish brands whose new colour arrivals each season create a stir almost on a par with Chanel, whose jade green last winter and this summer’s minky Particulière were almost instant sell-outs.

OPI has a less exalted lineage – it’s a huge-selling brand in the States which is only now beginning to take off here – but its excellent coverage and long-lasting quality make it a hit with manicurists, who first introduced me to it several years ago when I fell for its distinctive version of a deep, near-black, berry juice-dipped shade. It went by the odd name of Lincoln Park After Dark, and is now one of their classics. OPI’s shade names – once heard, never forgotten, with a punning spark and a seasonal theme – are a smile-inducing bonus.

This autumn, for who knows what reason, they have a Swiss twist, and though Selfridges’ manicurists are tipping the space-age pewter metallic Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and the 1970s blue Ski Teal We Drop, my own favourite is the stunning flame-red Color So Hot it Berns. With more than a hint of 1960s Mad Men-style elegance, it’s the perfect way to pep up all those neutral camels and greys we’re about to plunge into, for a tiny £9.95 outlay.

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