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The sunscreen that doesn’t run

A sunscreen that sticks by heavy perspirers

The sunscreen that doesn’t run

August 11 2010
Mark Ellwood

When it comes to sunscreen, I’ve always struggled. Put simply, in summer, I sweat too much. Any SPF I use just trickles down my face and into my eyes, making them watery and sting, blurring my vision. It’s a nasty problem, especially when I’m driving: more than once, I’ve had to pull over and sluice my eyes clean for safety’s sake. One friend suggested even Botox as a wrinkle- and sweat-baffler, but it’s really not my thing.

I tried everything at my local chemist and had almost given up until I bought Kiehl’s All Sport Non-Freeze Face Protector SPF 30. It’s intended for outdoorsy snowbound types, so I was an odd candidate: the closest I get to skiing is watching the Winter Olympics. Still, it solved my summer problems in a single tub: the wax-based gel soaked thoroughly into my skin, leaving nothing to run into my eyes.

I was devastated when it was discontinued earlier this year – but then relieved to find a replacement, an even higher SPF 50 Cross-Terrain UV Skin Protector from Kiehl’s, with the same wax-based formula that won’t smear, drip or run.

Cross Terrain UV Skin Protector SPF 50, $25.50.

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