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Today’s sun-protection creams perform a multitude of miracles

Creams that protect the skin, and much more besides

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Today’s sun-protection creams perform a multitude of miracles

July 28 2010
Lucia van der Post

It’s never been easier – or more agreeable – to keep one’s skin safe from the sun so that it looks good in the summery air. Every year, those clever people in white coats come up with newer and better products, making them smell nicer, be more effective, easier to use and more glamorous.

Last year, St Tropez (second picture) did what many people had thought was impossible – it developed Aromaguard technology to replace the smell so inextricably associated with self-tanning products (caused by the interaction of the DHA, which is what causes the tanning effect, with the skin) with a lighter, fresher fragrance, and introduced this into all of its core-tanning and gradual-tanning products.

Another great step forward has been to add lots of skincare ingredients to sun-protection creams, so that as you slap on the SPF you know that you are also treating your skin with moisturiser, anti-oxidants and anti-ageing products at the same time.

Take Carita Progressif Anti-Age Solaire: Firmness SPF50 (third picture; £105 for 50 ml). It’s designed to contain all the skincare benefits the skin needs so that as you head for the sun this is the only cream (other than a cleanser) you need pack – it does everything from providing sun protection to standing in for your usual moisturising creams and anti-ageing serums. There’s also an added Sun-Adapt complex (sweet orange extract, chaulmoogra oil and Commiphora cells), which helps boost the production of melanin so that the skin tans evenly (as we age, we tend not to tan so well or so evenly).

Also key to taking care of your skin is to prepare it before you set off. Decléor’s Aromessence Solaire Tan Activator Serum (first picture; £42 for 15 ml) is designed to strengthen the skin’s cells before you hit the sun. It has a combination of essential oils (rose, geranium, camomile), which can help those prone to pigmentation problems.

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