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A deliciously soothing set of balms

Another product joins the balmy army

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A deliciously soothing set of balms

July 12 2010
Lucia van der Post

Lip balms arouse heated passions in girly circles. There are some who are addicted to Smith’s Rosebud salve (first picture, £7), while others never use anything but Kiehl’s lusciously moisturising but unscented lip balm (second picture, £8.50), but there are many other contenders for our patronage.

A new one to me is a very cute balm from a French-Vietnamese cosmetics range called Bi Mat Cay which has been devised by Olivier Khuu. It is deliciously soothing and moisturising and comes in a sweet little pink pot. It’s part of a set of four balms (third picture). One is aimed at hands, one for skin, one is a healing balm (apply it to irritated areas or use it for muscular pains and headaches), while the fourth is a lip balm. £24 for the four.

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