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Insider tips from a make-up expert

A masterclass in the art of make-up

Insider tips from a make-up expert

Image: Neil Mackenzie Matthews

June 01 2010
Vivienne Becker

Ever since the days when I wouldn’t leave the house without broom-like false eyelashes, fake freckles and those Twiggy-style stripes under the eyes, I’ve been mad for make-up. But recently I was faced with making a few TV appearances, so I decided to fork out for a private make-up lesson.

I went to Steff Roeg, an independent film make-up artist who has worked with Keira Knightly and Chloë Sevigny and whose speciality, as she describes it, is the natural, polished face – dressed-up but do-able. In scarily bright daylight, sitting at her table piled tantalisingly with bags and boxes of cosmetics from all ranges, brands and prices, including Becca, Mac and Bourjois, she helped me find the perfect foundation, with clever primers and finishers I’d never have known about. She also showed me eye, cheek and lip colours and contours, and passed on some nifty techniques and clever insider tips – a bit of blush here, a bit of highlighter there.

I loved the look, and I’ve stuck faithfully to Roeg’s programme, which I reckon has saved me a fortune in expensive and impulsive mistakes. She now also offers a shopping service, from a six-hour day including lesson, to an express hour and a half, with a mini-lesson as you try and buy.

Make-up lessons: £250. Shopping lessons: six hours, £450; express, 1½ hours, £110.

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