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Capturing the salty air of Provence in a bottle

A jaunty makeover for a French skincare company

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Capturing the salty air of Provence in a bottle

May 21 2010
Lucia van der Post

I’ve always found some of the traditional Marseille soaps a little too artisanale for my tastes, but Compagnie de Provence has some delicious rather modernised versions. In particular I love the liquid soap, which smells delicious, is silkily soft and the bottles always look good sitting beside the hand-basin.

This year, for its 20th anniversary, it has a new scent which captures the salty Provençal air and the Mistral wind, while the bottles look even better, thanks to Stéphan Muntaner, a Marseillais graphic artist who has given them a makeover. They feature some enchantingly fresh maritime images based on sailors’ tattoos, as befits a Marseille-based company. There are three different Muntaner designs, each named after a fish: La Girelle, Le Maquereau, and La Sardine.