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Now British men can benefit from this esteemed skincare range

An effective French skincare brand comes to the UK

Now British men can benefit from this esteemed skincare range

May 13 2010
Lucia van der Post

The days are long gone when men feared that they’d get strange looks at the pub if they admitted to minding how they look. Many a man has learned from a woman that taking some trouble over their skin not only helps to keep it clean and well nourished, but also to keep blemishes at bay, too.

All this has encouraged Pedro Garcia Maggi of the French brand Skeen to bring its range of anti-ageing dermatological treatments for men over to the UK from this month. Garcia Maggi worked with biochemists, dermatologists and pharmacists to come up with formulas that are highly effective yet fragrance- and colourant-free. They employ many ingredients – such as strong concentrations of retinol – used by dermatologists in aesthetic procedures. Skeen’s chief claim to fame is that the products are ultra-light, non-oily and non-shiny; men usually hate that feeling of having too much “gunk” on the face.

There are 17 products in the range but the key ones are the Illuminating Care Powder (£44, which appears like a powder but becomes a moisturising lotion on the face), the Anti-Aging Concentrated Corrector (£60), a Regenerating Anti-Aging Night Fluid for nourishing at night (pictured, £60) and Perfect Powder for the eyes, which has lots of vitamin C and aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (£34). It’s a lovely range to use.

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