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Found – the ideal foundation

The foundation that really is second-skin perfect

Found – the ideal foundation

April 28 2010
Catherine Moye

Like most women, I could have flown first class to Caracas for the money I’ve shelled out on foundations over the years. What looks right in the sympathetic light of a London department store is often the stuff of a horror movie the moment you step outside: a caked-on orange mask stares back from the mirror.

Then on a trip to Dublin to visit a friend who works on a women’s magazine there, I got turned on to MAC’s Face and Body Foundation (£23). Rather than being an oily gloop resting on the surface of your face, this is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides such natural coverage that it feels as though you might have been born with it. Even its 120ml semi-transparent, squeezy bottle with a black screw-top lid has something pleasingly ordinary about it.

In terms of consistency, Face and Body is quite thin, but that is precisely what keeps the coverage looking natural. Unlike other foundations, it blends into your skin rather than sitting on the top, but is thick enough to stay put.

The liquid consistency makes it easier to apply with your fingers rather than the usual wad of make-up sponges, and, as it blends in very easily, you don’t need to apply masses of moisturiser beforehand. As the name implies, it also works for other areas of the body, and there are 13 shades to choose from.

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