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A strikingly simple cure for sagging ear lobe syndrome

Heavy earrings need no longer be a no-no

A strikingly simple cure for sagging ear lobe syndrome

July 21 2010
Bettina von Hase

I love ethnic jewellery with a passion, but have always struggled with the weight of the earrings. However, I recently bought a couple of pairs, one in Pebble, an Aladdin’s cave of a shop in Sussex Gardens, London, and the others on the Portobello Road.

The reason I could even consider wearing them is a fantastic product called Lobe Wonder, which I discovered by chance in a nondescript jewellery store in the seaside town of Sag Harbour on Long Island; when I opened the box, I knew I had found something special.

Lobe Wonder are little transparent adhesive patches which inhibit the sagging and tearing of your ear lobes. All you do is stick a patch to the back of your lobe, centering it over the hole. You then put on your earring, piercing the patch, and this simple invention does a great deal of the weight-bearing work, supporting the earring from behind the lobe. A packet costs $6 and contains 60 patches – ie, 30 outings.

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